Este fin de semana he visto algunos comentarios sobre mis clips a los que me gustaría contestar, pero como eran demasiados he decidido hacerlo en forma de canción.


I respect you don't like all the things I do
But it will be nice some respect from you too
That's why I feel sad when I read you review
That's why I came up with this funky funky blues

I work 'round the clock, my friend, I tell you that
And all I want is to make you smile or maybe laugh
If I didn't make it, I'm very sorry 'bout that
All I can say: "I'm working so hard"

I think the fact of the matter here is this:
What you write says more 'bout you than about me
Don't write a comment don't want your mother to see
But do what you please, typing is free.
About anything, typing is free

I'm working hard to make everything right
To be a little better every day that goes by
If I didn't make you laugh or smile this time
Give me a break, man, all I can do is try.

Voces e instrumentos compuestos e interpretados por Álvaro Carmona
Producido por Álvaro Carmona